Paytm Mall helps car, bike dealers get online for better visibility, sales


Latest News – Paytm Mall is contributing towards the growth of automobile dealers by bringing their offerings online. This has enabled over a thousand dealerships across the country to reach a wider set of customers.

Dealers have also embraced the Paytm Mall QR code as a powerful medium to drive sales leads without the need of managing a large inventory. This has seen the Mall QR Code emerging as an impactful marketing tool to measure conversions and transaction for all local promotional activities.

Automobile dealers selling vehicles of Suzuki, Mahindra, Honda and Yamaha use Paytm Mall QR Codes in print advertisements, outdoor installations or BTL marketing materials to drive sales or test-drive leads.

This solution has helped brands drive higher sales and ensure perfect synchronization between their online and offline promotions while allowing consumers to book their favorite vehicles at the most attractive prices.

“We are looking to further enhance the effectiveness of our platform by offering Paytm Mall QR Codes to our partners. Local dealerships can now leverage our (Read More)


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