Futuristic carmaker: Maruti Suzuki plants training workers, upgrading tech

Maruti, Maruti Suzuki

Latest News – With one car rolling out every 12 seconds, over 2,400 robots aiding 20,000 workers, Maruti Suzuki India’s mega car factories at Gurugram and Manesar are embracing new technologies to keep pace with demands of the 21st century.

It is a far cry from nearly 35 years back, when the company first rolled out the now-discontinued iconic M800 model with around 900 people and negligible automation at the then Gurugram factory.

With over 4,000 trucks criss-crossing the premises, supplying components and picking up fully built vehicles, the two factories buzz with activity for 280 days a year to roll out over 15 lakh units of 16 models with 1,100-plus variants.

The company has already started looking beyond 2020 when it looks to sell 2 million units annually. In fact it is aiming for 3 million units annual sales in the next decade.

According to Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) Executive Director Production, Rajiv Gandhi, the challenge for manufacturing operations to (Read More)


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