Most of Apple employees ‘leaking’ secrets about upcoming devices: Report

Apple, iPhone, iPad

Latest News – Ever wondered how journalists and bloggers get access to the information related to Apple’s upcoming products? A ‘leaked’ recording of an Apple internal briefing has revealed that most of the times, such leaks originate directly from its employees.

“Last year was the first time that Apple (campuses) leaked more than the supply chain. More stuff came out of Apple (campuses) last year than all of our supply chain combined,” The Outline quoted David Rice, a former member of the US National Security Agency (NSA), as saying from the recording.

According to The Outline, the internal briefing on Apple’s fight against leaks was led by former members of US spy agencies who have spent years in investigating, and eventually unmasking, one leaker.

Most of the Apple’s leaks come from manufacturing facilities in China. To prevent these leaks, the company searches its Chinese workers as they enter and leave factories where Apple products are made.

The recording revealed that Apple screens 2.7 million employees a day in 40 factories in China.

According to media reports, Apple and its contract manufacturers have cracked down on some leaks at manufacturers in recent years.

One of the biggest leaks was in 2013 when employees a (Read More)


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