Despicable, all-time low: Ola slams Uber over rape investigation sabotage


Latest News – Taxi-hailing app Ola hit out at rival ‘Uber’ after the latter fired its Asia Pacific business head who had allegedly obtained medical records of a 26-year-old woman who was raped by an Uber driver in India in 2014. The expelled Eric Alexander alleged that Ola was behind the incident to sabotage Uber’s India business.

Ola has described Uber as “despicable” and “low on morality” following a report that claims the American firm badly mishandled the rape of a customer in 2014.

In a statement on Thursday Ola said, “It is a shame that the privacy and morals of a woman have to be questioned in an attempt to trivialise a horrific crime. It is despicable that anyone can even conceive an attempt to malign competition using this as an opportunity. If this report were to be even remotely true, this is an all-time low on morality and a reflection of the very character of an organisation”, Ola said.

Alexander showed the confidential information of the medical report to chief executive officer Travis Kalanick and SVP Emil Michael, who, with (Read More)


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