Inside story behind Modi govt’s move to regulate cattle slaughter markets

Representative Image

Latest News – While there has been massive outrage over the new rules framed by the government banning sale of cattle for slaughter, the exercise to frame these rules started out to put an end to something happening in neighbouring Nepal. The government says that the new Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules 2017 was conceived on the directions of the Supreme Court (SC).

The SC in-turn had set the ball rolling after a petition filed by Gauri Maulekhi, animal rights activist. Maulekhi told Business Standard: “The government has done the right thing by introducing these rules. Yet a lot of misinformed people are criticising this move. They should look at the despicable conditions in which animals meant for slaughter are treated at animal markets. I am completely happy with the new rules. If we have to be secure as a nation, we have to protect our livestock from the cattle mafia.”

Maulekhi’s petition seemed to have achieved what she hadn’t set out to achieve in the first place. “That is the beauty of a Public Interest Litigation. It doesn’t need to be confined to specifics. Although I wanted to put an end to ritual sacrifice of cattle in Nepal, the highest court directed that rules be framed for an end to barbaric treatment of animals at various markets where the organised mafia (Read More)


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