Soon, Google’s Android may power your car, just like it runs on smartphone

Audi Q8

Latest News – Google on Monday announced it was now planning to install Android operating system straight into cars. The search engine giant, trying to establish itself in the automobile industry with high-technology, now could get a major fillip from the use of its mobile operating system in high-end cars. Cars like Audi Q8 and Volvo V90 SUVs will have a version of the Android operating system built in along with voice control operators to control functions like cabin temperature and an opening of the sunroof, even if the user doesn’t have an Android phone.

The OS will not only host popular applications like Google Maps, Spotify and NPR but also control car features like seat positioning and temperature. The new system also embeds the Google Assistant, the company’s voice control service, for searching on the go, asking for directions, and making phone calls as well.

“The world is pretty different today We expect to be connected, no matter where we are. That’s why Android Auto is designed to give drivers an easy way to access the information they need navigation, streaming audio, and communications— while minimising the distractions they don’t need,” Google Android product manager Haris Ramic wrote in a blog post.

With its CarPlay, another infotainment system, rival (Read More)


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