Netflix, Apple TV in a fix: Putin restricts streaming services in Russia

Putin blocks smooth run of streaming services Netflix, Apple TV in Russia

Latest News – Vladimir Putin signed into law on Monday a bill that will severely restrict foreign streaming services’ access to the Russian market, a move experts say is the culmination of an intense lobbying campaign waged by domestic providers.

The law, which was approved by Russia’s two legislative bodies, the Federative Council and the State Duma, in April, is designed to support Russian streaming services by squeezing foreign providers like Netflix, Apple TV, and Google Play: it stipulates that online audio-visual services can only be registered to Russians who do not have dual citizenship and that foreigners can own more than 20 percent of a service only if less than 50 percent of its users are located in Russia and a government commission approves it.

Audio-visual services are broadly defined as websites or programs attracting more than 100,000 users per day that distribute audio or video content and make their money using advertisements targeted at Russian audiences or through subscription-based models. Websites that fit this description will be (Read More)


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