PVR expands IMAX screen footprint

PVR. cinema, movie, hall

Latest News – Cinema exhibition chain PVR has signed an agreement with the IMAX Corporation to add five more IMAX theatres by the end of 2019. The Ajay Bijli-led exhibitor currently runs four IMAX screens in the country with a fifth screen installed and ready for operation in the coming weeks. This deal with PVR Cinemas marks one of the largest single theatre signings for IMAX in the country, bringing the total number of IMAX theatres to 26, with 11 currently open and 15 contracted to open.

Through this roll-out, PVR will reach a count of 10 IMAX screens and will retain its position as the largest IMAX partner in India. Two of the five new screens will be rolled out by August and the rest will follow. The new IMAX theatres are planned to be located in metros like Delhi and will comprise a combination of new and existing PVR properties.

“The tremendous success of our existing four IMAX theatres, along with the upcoming slate of differentiated and exclusive IMAX (Read More)


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